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Iskandar Doner

Heaps of freshly grilled Doner Kebab are piled onto oven baked bread then topped with a delicious, spiced tomato sauce. It’s served with fresh yogurt, which complements the flavours of the juicy meat and bread perfectly!

BD 2.500

Chicken Schnitzel

Our Chicken Schnitzel is made from scratch and is sure to be one of your favourites! It’s delicately spiced and lightly battered before being cooked to perfection.

BD 2.000

Chicken BBQ, Cream Pasta, & Salad

The perfect combo, this dish comes with our special creamy pasta, fresh house salad and flavourful BBQ Chicken.

BD 2.300

Chicken Sesame, Cream Pasta, & Salad

Our chef’s Chicken Sesame is served alongside our special creamy pasta and a generous serving of our house salad. It’s the perfect balance of indulgence and health consciousness.

BD 2.300

Chicken Fajita, Cream Pasta, & Salad

Mexican and Italian go well together in this mix! Enjoy our Chicken Fajita, special creamy pasta and house salad for dine in or delivery.

BD 2.300

Arrabbiata Pasta

Our Arrabbiata Pasta is made to order and consists of a light and flavourful tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh garnish. It’s the perfect dish for vegetarians or anyone who enjoys a good bowl of pasta!

BD 1.400

Vegetable Pasta with Cream Sauce

This is the perfect pasta for those who enjoy creamy sauces! It’s loaded with fresh vegetables, cheese and Italian spices.

BD 1.500

Turkish Mixed Grill Platter

Our Mixed Grill Platter is a favourite with our customers and comes with Turkish Kofta, Beef Skewers, Chicken Shish Tawook and a serving of Turkish Rice.

BD 3.500

Turkish Beef Steak

Our Turkish-style Steak is grilled to perfection and served with a side of grilled onions, tomatoes, peppers and potato wedges.

BD 4.500

Chicken/Beef Shawarma Wrap (S)

Choose from our chicken or beef shawarma, made with our special blend of spices and carefully cooked to retain its juiciness.

BD 0.400

Chicken/Beef Shawarma Wrap (M)

Our classic shawarma, but much bigger! This is perfect if you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite and would like an even more generous serving of our popular shawarma meat.

BD 0.600

Chicken/Beef Doner Sandwich

Generous servings of your choice of meat or chicken topped with fresh salad and our special sauces.

BD 1.000

Turkish Sujuk

Generous servings of traditional Turkish sausage and beef salami layered on top of fresh bread with cheddar cheese and sliced pickles.

BD 1.5

Turkish Toast

A light sandwich made with Beef salami, lettuce and pickles.

BD 1.2

Turkish Kofte Sandwich

Our Turkish Kofte is made from scratch, in-house and topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickled pickles and mustard.

BD 1.8

Grilled Beef Sandwich

Chunky beef slices are grilled to order and served with fresh salad in this satisfying sandwich.

BD 1

Grilled Beef Wrap

Slices of beef, served in a wrap with fresh salad and sauces.

BD 1


French Fries

Few things hit the spot like a freshly made plate of fries. Ours are made to order and seasoned to perfection.

600 Fils

Curly Fries

Changing up your usual order of fries? Try these. They’re soft in the middle with a flavourful crust.

800 Fils

Turkish Mashed Potato Salad

This unique salad is good to share and comes loaded with sliced sausages, olives, veggies and more!

BD 1.2

Chicken Fingers

For those of you who like a bit of extra chicken, choose the chicken fingers!

BD 1.4

Mini Turkish Sujuk Bites

Straight from Turkey, these traditional Turkish sausages pack some excellent flavour.

BD 1.2


Lentil Soup

800 Fils

Chicken Soup

BD 1



A refreshing Mojito is the perfect accompaniment to any meal! All our Mojitos are made using fresh lime and mint aside from delicious flavourings and/or fruit.

Classic Mojito

BD 2

Blue Lagoon Mojito

BD 2

Blueberry Mojito

BD 2

Pomegranate Mojito

BD 2

Watermelon Mojito

BD 2


We only used the freshest of fruit and other produce to create some of the most refreshing fruit juices. All our juices are made from scratch by our Mocktail expert and are free from concentrates and store-bought juices.


BD 1

Watermelon Juice

BD 1

Pineapple Juice

BD 1

Kiwi Cooler

BD 1

Mango Juice

BD 1

Pomegranate Juice

BD 1

Orange Juice

BD 1

Avocado Juice

BD 1.5

Tropical Cocktail

BD 1.5

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Banana Milkshake

BD 2.5

Oreo Milkshake

BD 2.5

Ferrero Rocher Milkshake

BD 2.5

Coffee Milkshake

BD 2.5

Strawberry Milkshake

BD 2.5

Chocolate Milkshake

BD 2.5


Freshly made waffles served with a side of strawberry and chocolate ice cream topped with fresh fruits.

BD 1.5


Freshly made crepe served with a side of vanilla ice cream topped with fresh fruit and nuts

BD 1.5


Al Katkoot Classic Beef/Chicken Burger

Our burgers are grilled on a flat top to get you that perfect sear while staying nice and juicy. It’s served with a generous helping of fresh vegetables and aioli sauce in a sesame bun.

BD 1.3

Al Katkoot Special Beef/Chicken Burger

Our delicious burger is topped with freshly made caramelized onions, Cheddar Cheese, Al Katkoot Premium Sauce and a heap of fresh vegetables for a burger that’s satisfying and well balanced.

BD 1.8

Al Katkoot Fiery Beef/Chicken Burger

For those who like it hot, the Al Katkoot Premium Beef Patty is topped with our Al Katkoot Premium Sauce, sliced Jalapenos, American Cheese and fresh slices of tomato.

BD 1.8

Need Catering?

Entertaining a large group of people? We can take care of all the food and refreshments, at a very attractive price, with excellent flavour and high-quality ingredients. Your guests will love everything on the menu- that’s our guarantee! Get in touch so we can create a delectable spread and put your mind at ease.